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📢Preparation is 🔑 for Disasters!

We've had success with our 1st Cohort, of our introductory course on Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience (DRR)!

WHO should register?

  1. Everyone -we are pleased to expand to ALL resident family island registrants

Key highlights:

  • FREE (absolutely NO cost to you)

  • Online

  • Self-paced (i.e. "do a little now OR later")

  • 5 modules to guide you through this new world

  • key terminologies of and what DRR is

  • Disaster Management Cycle (DMC)

  • How to prepare for a disaster

  • Your role in being prepared

  • Resources (available at your fingertips to download and be used immediately)

  • 2 hour maximum dedication to complete (🙅🏾‍♀️ NO fillers, only usable information 👍🏾)

  • Available from now until December 6th*!

Sign up NOW:-

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