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International Women's Day

The month of March is considered Women’s History month.

Hilary Clinton noted that “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” It was a woman to face birth to us; nurtured many of us and encouraged us to become who we are.

Yet, in many places around the world, women are still treated as second class citizens. In some places, they have no voice.

As a part of the ADRA network, ADRA Bahamas seeks to advocate for the rights of women and to ensure that they have the opportunity to live the way God intended for them.

On this Women’s International Day and during this Women’s History Month, we at ADRA Bahamas take the time to salute all women. We invite you to join us in helping to improve the quality of life for all women. Take the time today to donate to our projects that help to bring justice and show love and compassion for women. Your donation will have a great impact on helping to change a life, one person at a time.

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