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Updated: May 28, 2021

On Friday April 9, 2021, the La Soufriere volcano erupted on the island of St. Vincent. The ashes are severely impacting the air quality, livelihood, health, water, mobility, and basic needs of the people of the island.

The entire island population (110,700) has been affected. Over 16,000 have been evacuated from the immediate danger zone of the volcano. Presently there are 3,500 people in shelters, with many others with relatives.

Early reports from residents indicate that power is on in some areas, but there is no water. Food, water and monetary contributions are the three most critical needs at this time. The airport has been closed, and persons are not being allowed in to the country at this time.

The ADRA network is actively monitoring the situation. The local ADRA Director is working with local authorities in providing shelters (10 schools and churches) and meals (200-300/day).

Your help is needed!

ADRA Bahamas is launching an appeal in response to the disaster in St. Vincent. You can help by donating today at and by encouraging others to also give their assistance.

Your prayers and support are appreciated.

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