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Meet The Project Team

Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Officer


Marniqua Dean

My name is Marniqua Dean, and I am the project officer for ADRA Bahamas. I have a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Human Resource Management, with a minor in Tourism Management that I attained from the University of the Bahamas. 


Working for ADRA has been a phenomenal experience for me. I am able to meet and interact with new people, as well as put smiles on the faces of many. Additionally, this position forces me to conquer my fear of public speaking, as I am often in the media. All-in-all, I am truly blessed and appreciative of the experience and knowledge I have gained thus far, while being able to work with such supportive teammates. I am excited to see what the future has in store! 

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Stephanie Molina

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"As I completed my Global Health MPH program, I 

knew I wanted to work in a nonprofit organization, and knew that I wanted to further understand the planning and implementation that goes behind  the scenes of a humanitarian organization. 


I looked into different humanitarian organizations, but having prior knowledge of the Adventist 

Development and Relief Agency, my mind kept  coming back and seeking for any opportunity to  work with ADRA. 


Besides the prior knowledge of the organization,  the other reason for wanting to work with ADRA  was my vision of public health aligned with the  organization’s purpose: To serve humanity so all  may live as God intended. In addition, the idea to  not only put the learned public health skills into  practice but as well as to share those skills  collaboratively was essentially what I was hoping  to experience as I completed my postgraduate  degree.  

The opportunity came when ADRA Bahamas was needing an intern for the area of Monitoring, 

Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL). This opportunity provided to mainly focus in the  Education in Emergencies project, which its  goal is to provide education humanitarian 

assistance to students and educators. Previously  working in the education sector by conducting 

research, I knew I could not pass the opportunity.  I wanted to continue to work in the education 

sector while also put into practice public health  skills. 

Working as a MEAL intern for ADRA Bahamas has been a truly gratifying experience so far. And  although the work has been remotely and with its challenges, it has been the perfect space for  growth, collaborative work, leadership  opportunities, and community empowerment.

  The other discovery in working as a MEAL intern is how important this area of work is for the 

communities around us. MEAL is an important area of work in public health because the data 

collected can help us understand communities  better. And even more so, MEAL is important in 

humanitarian work because through data you see the impact of the provided relief and 

development assistance. The impact then tells us where to improve, what programs of benefit 

we can implement and how to build sustainability  for local capacity. "

Project Officer

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