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Flattened, pummelled, and washed away are some of the words that come to the minds of those who have survived and are still trying to rebuild 3 years after Hurricane Dorian. 

Many are still in need of homes. 

2023, ADRA Bahamas wants to continue engaging in the Love In Action: Shell Home Construction Project. The goal is to provide Level 3 storm-resistant shells to households in the Northern Bahamas urgently in need as a result of the loss of their home being destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.

We invite you to partner with us in our efforts!

Our goal is currently 30 homes, but with your generosity, we can help more families, to have one less thing to worry about in this and other hurricane seasons.

Your help is needed - the NORTH still needs us!

Online Banking

Beneficiary Name:  ADRA Bahamas

Account Designation: Escrow Account

Beneficiary Transit: 21103

Beneficiary Branch: Oaks Field

Beneficiary Account: 3004053

Bank: Commonwealth Bank Ltd.

Note/Ref Donation: Home Shell Construction

Who Are you helping?

A single-mother whose home and livelihood were completely destroyed and with little to no strength left to persevere-- if it were not for her children...

A (now) widow, who not only mourns the loss of "things" of great sentimental value but also her husband and son....

A single-father, whose daughters look up to him to "make everything okay" and just needs a start...

An elderly couple, whose entire family lost everything and yet, still feel blessed that they are alive....

An once vibrant woman now with the loss of mobility and speech trying to provide for 4 children, with 1 also needing special care....

Families of all kinds still need help-- they need Y(OUR) help-- we've begun by repairing roofs and building homes for nearly 70 families throughout Grand Bahama and Abaco but there's so much more to be done.

Support Our Cause
Join our Hearts & Hands family by giving a donation today!
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