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In the wake of emergencies such as hurricanes, famines, floods, or earthquakes there are often thousands of people needing basic necessities. ADRA is a humanitarian agency that works to get them back on their feet again by not only responding quickly, but following up with long-term support.

Responding to emergencies and providing disaster relief are powerful ways to show love in a hurting world. Refugees, communities affected by natural disasters, and others in crisis require an urgent and compassionate response.Your support means that urgent resources are ready, and often prepositioned, to reach areas in need as quickly as possible through ADRA’s global network. Funds, materials, and personnel are coordinated through ADRA offices nearest to the disaster so plans can be put into action immediately and appropriate relief supplies reach the areas hardest hit.

It is inevitable that natural disasters, particularly hurricanes will continue to wreak havoc in The Bahamas and its surrounding, it is inevitable that we will always need your skills, time, talent and support. 


As a professional organisation, we are constantly in need of volunteers from all circles to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of those we serve effectively and efficiently. This goal can only be achieved when we have the right persons on our team!

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