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Disaster Famine and Relief Fund

Why is it important?

Whether it’s a Hurricane in The Bahamas, a volcanic eruption in St Vincent and The Grenadines, an 

earthquake in Haiti – it’s the most vulnerable that suffers first and suffers most.  


It’s people and families like these that need your help like Silvina. People living in poverty are hardworking and resilient, but disasters push them even further into disadvantage. 


Your support of ADRA’s Disaster and Famine Relief Fund on December 17 will ensure that we are always ready and always there to help those most in need in time of disaster.


You can also give now

How will the funds be used?

With a global presence, ADRA Bahamas can respond quickly to disasters, providing for people’s immediate needs, while also empowering them to rebuild their lives.


The money collected towards the Disaster and Famine Relief Fund helps ensure there are funds immediately available for ADRA to respond to disasters as they occur.


This includes providing essential items such as food parcels, hygiene packs, shelter kits and water filtration devices, while also helping communities recover in the longer-term, and be better prepared for future disasters.

How can I donate?

5 Ways to Give ... December 17th - DFRF-2.png
Support Our Cause
Join our Hearts & Hands family by giving a donation today!


Listen to Silvina as she tells her story....

Raise Your Voice

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