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Flattened, destroyed, washed away and pummelled are but some of the words that still come to the fore of many community members' minds directly impacted by Hurricane Dorian. 

Quickly approaching the three year anniversary of this historic and deadly natural disaster, many are still in need of repairs to their homes, or in need of a shelter, as they are not able to rebuild on their own.  


When we asked our community partners how we could help, we were told that people need shelter, even if just a shell. 

In this first half of the year, ADRA is engaging in a Shell Home Construction Project.  The goal is to provide storm-resistant shells to households in the Northern Bahamas urgently in need as a result of the loss of their home being destroyed by Hurricane Dorian.  

We invite you to partner with us in our efforts!


Our goal is currently 25 shell structures, but with your generosity, we can help more families, to have one less thing to worry about in this hurricane season. 

Your help is needed - the NORTH still needs us!

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Beneficiary Name:  ADRA Bahamas

Account Designation: Escrow Account

Beneficiary Transit: 21103

Beneficiary Branch: Oaks Field

Beneficiary Account: 3004053

Bank: Commonwealth Bank Ltd.

Note/Ref Donation: Home Shell Building


Founded in 1956, The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) was started by the

Seventh-day Adventist Church as a way to follow Christ’s example of serving and caring for those in need. 


Put simply, ADRA improves the lives of people around the world. The agency searches out deprivation, social injustice, and need—then works to eliminate them. We invest in the potential of individuals through advocacy, supporting families, promoting health, providing food and water, establishing livelihoods, and responding to emergencies.


Since our establishment in September 2019 as a result of Hurricane Dorian, we have been working hard with the help of our members and volunteers to assist individuals impacted by Hurricane Dorian and Covid-19. Our work is dedicated to funding and delivering charitable services, and we strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who need assistance.


Get in touch to learn how you can make a difference at our

Development and Disaster Relief Organization!

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"We are so thankful for your donation (of tablets); we have seven (7) special needs children...but they all need these devices to continue their education, we are so very grateful for this big help!"

Sharon Williams, Administrator